Miss Conceited

Meet the Mastermind that is showing the world that being “Conceited” can be positive! Miss Conceited, Shaunell Robinson Kennard is best known as a powerhouse in the Eyelash Extension industry. Shaunell took a leap of faith when relocating from New Orleans to Atlanta, 10 years ago at the young age of 20. Shaunell Robinson arrived in Atlanta, Georgia as a hopeful young mother, with her son, and a large vision. Although, Shaunell possessed minimal knowledge about Atlanta, Georgia, she managed to quickly adapt to Atlanta’s business world, superseding many of her competitors and counterparts.

What was once a dream, 10 years ago, has quickly turned into reality for Mrs. Shaunell Robinson Kennard, the CEO of the Conceited Inc. Company which is known for its extensive product line of Eyelash Extensions, Glamorous Mink/Volume-Lash Applications, and Conceited, Inc.’s Custom-Shoe, and Hair Brand. Ten Years later, at the age of 30, May, 31, 2014, Shaunell R. Kennard found herself hosting the Grand Opening to her very own and the very first Luxury Lash, Brow Tint, and Makeup Bar that Atlanta has seen. Ms. Conceited knew that the Conceited Inc. brand would grow to an exponential rate with time and dedication, but she did not know that it would grow to the rate that it did within three years, upon beginning the Conceited Inc. brand in 2011.

It seems that every opportunity that Mrs. Shaunell places her hand to, works. In a matter of three years, Shaunell went from having 2-3 clients in one day to having 8-9 clients daily. When Mink Lashes were first presented to the beauty industry, Shaunell’s work stood out from the competition and was one of a kind. The glamorous mink lash application was walking advertisement for Mrs. Kennard and customers began to spread the word. Through Social media, the world was exposed to Shaunell’s gift of meticulously applying mink lashes. Celebrities and consumers began to quickly inquire about Mrs. Kennard’s work. Not before long, was Shaunell’s appointment book overflowing with customers and celebrities. With Shaunell R. Kennard’s extensive experience with lashing, has come the birth of Conceited, Inc.’s lashing products, Educational DVD, Educational Pamphlet, and Conceited Inc.’s Certification Lashing Tour.

In the summer of 2013, Shaunell launched her custom line of shoes which can now be seen and worn by some of the nation’s hottest celebrities. On February 22, 2014 Shaunell debuted her very first Lash Extension Training DVD, selling over 1800 copies! This is a very huge achievement in the beauty industry and can be done by very few aestheticians. As anticipation is highly brewing, Shaunell is due to release the 2nd Conceited Inc. Lash Extension Training DVD in the Summer of 2014.

Lash Application is not the only product that Miss Conceited has in store for the world. Shaunell is an expert at Lashing and she shares her extensive knowledge with those who wish to become a Lash Extension Artist. The Nation recognizes the Conceited, Inc. Brand so much that Mrs. Shaunell Robinson Kennard will be the very first Lash Extension teacher at the world-renown, Bonners Brothers Hair Show. Shaunell is currently preparing to open a Beauty School in Atlanta. Georgia. Miss Conceited will also be an upcoming Lashing Instructor in a well-known Houston, Texas beauty school.

Shaunell Robinson Kennard’s work is so well-known internationally that no matter what city or state that her lash extension class comes to, it sells out with 20+ students. In 2013, Ms. Conceited started the Conceited Inc. Extensive Lashing tour and this tour has become a high demand nationwide. Ms. Conceited has recently traveled to areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, and Atlanta, teaching her students how to become successful Lash Artists through correctly, safely, and glamorously applying eyelash extensions. Shaunell strives to inform her students about branding, marketing, and smart business decisions. At the conclusion of all of Ms. Conceited’s classes, Shaunell leaves her students, with the knowledge of lashing and how to effectively manage their lashing businesses. Shaunell also offers certification to all of her students upon passing Conceited, Inc.’s Extensive Lash Application course.

Shaunell Robinson Kennard is a multifaceted, business minded, go getter who empowers others to succeed. Shaunell could have kept the secrets of how she became so successful in the beauty industry, but she understands generosity and the notion of blessing others. So, Shaunell has chosen to share her knowledge with other aspiring lash artists who wish to have their own business and lashing brand. Miss Conceited wants to motivate others through her past struggles and current accomplishments. Shaunell has always expressed a fearless mindset when approaching life, beginning with her leap of faith to Atlanta, GA, single-handily building a successful brand, and pursuing a new lashing niche. Has Shaunell Robinson Kennard exceeded all expectations and stereotypes? Yes! That is why, Shaunell is currently preparing to share with the world, her story of motivation and resilience. Get Prepared World for Shaunell Robinson Kennard, Author, Business Owner, Lashing Guru, and Motivational Speaker! This is only the Beginning for Mrs. Shaunell Robinson Kennard, the CEO of the successful Conceited, Inc. Brand!


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